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Recycled Vinyl Flowers - Buy Before 2/9/2023 for Valentine's Delivery

To ensure your flowers arrive by 2/14/2023, please place your orders by Thursday 2/9/2023. We'll continue to fulfill orders after 2/9/2023 but you may not receive them in time for Valentine's Day.

About Gold Rush Vinyl

"Revolutionizing vinyl production"

  • Vinyl manufacturing

    Today’s vinyl records are made from a peculiar blend of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that works well for pressing records but is very difficult to recycle or reuse in other ways. Our popular products help reduce plastic waste.

  • Lowering waste

    Our goal is to become the lowest waste vinyl pressing plant in the world. Our new Creative Studio initiative involves we are finding even more ways to make goods from recycled vinyl – both in-house and with partners.

  • Creative upcycling

    In addition to pursuing energy-saving measures in our factory and innovation in our supply chain, we work with the City of Austin's Circular Economy to provide other companies with our useable scraps.

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